One Day, One Kid, One Crying Dad

IMG_1292Well, it happened…

New shoes (thanks nana and paw).

New backpack. Why are backpacks for children so big? How long is he going to be gone? Should I throw some MREs in there?

I got him the hydration pack. He wanted to be like his dada.

He chose the red one because his brother wanted the blue one.


Eli was. I was not.

He went in strong, ready to face a new challenges, meet his teacher (we were out of town for the open house), and make new friends…

My buddy was going off to be… I don’t know what, but it didn’t seem good. Would he come back home chain smoking and with a face tattoo?

Kindergarden is tough… ON ME!


I held it together until he couldn’t see me… I cried like a baby all the way back to the car.

A piece of my heart walks bravely into a new and exciting world. The rest of it is scared to death.

He needs to face the world and I’m proud of him. But as a dad. It is a day that matters. It is in the short list of days that I remember everything about.

Where I was, how I felt, what was said… It is woven into the fabric of me. I wouldn’t change it… Well… Maybe.

Be well son. Do right. Love the Lord. Do justice. Come home and still call me dada.

When his momma picked him up she asked how his day was, he said on a scale of 1-5 it was a 300… The best day of his life, he said…



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